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Jim Moriarty





Dets of Misery

A long time ago , in a galaxy far, far away
, a man named Darklore decided to make a clan called {DARK}. {DARK} was one of the first clans in SWBF1, along side the great clans of {Cp^}, , Wu, and many other great clans. Although most of them came shortly before, {DARK} started out small and not the best, as all clans do. Suddenly, {DARK} started to grow rapidly and become quite powerful. Darklore led many battles, friendly and unfriendly, for quite along time (a year to be exact). Sadly, after all those battles, Darklore became inactive and decided it was his time to go, so he left his {DARK} clan and left it with our beloved CloneKiller, who was leader through the transition to SWBF2. Darklore quit just as SWBF2 came out, so {DARK} moved into SWBF2 not even a month after it came out, with CloneKiller as our great leader. We did pretty well in SWBF2 just one whole year, and {DARK} flourished with members and power.

Shortly after, {DARK} stopped recruiting and new members stopped flowing in. We were slowly dying off, however, we had a major come back about eight months later. {DARK} became very powerful again, and very skilled, even better than before. This was mostly due to the merge of {DARK} and the old SWBF1 clan, . From the merge, we obtained many good members and a new leader, Jlink. The Axis merge lasted no more than six months. {DARK} tried to expand into many other games such as Jedi Academy Mutiliplayer, Halo, Lord of the Rings, and some others, but it didn't go well, hardly anyone joined any of the branches. We had some members in each branch, but most of them were {DARK} members from SWBF2. The branching idea went down the drain, and so {DARK} continued on in SWBF2, with much success.

Later on, the members from the second generation of SWBF2 started to fan out, or went inactive. Soon {DARK} was reduced only to a handful of active members. It was a long and inactive summer and it seemed that {DARK} was dead. A miracle happened, thanks to the dedication of three clan members, (Clone, Smasher, Jedi). {DARK} pushed through the summer's downfall and gave birth to the third generation of members. That brings us to today's situation. Jedi's steady recruiting led to the uprise of active {DARK} members, and new ranks and rules set the scene for an unstoppable machine. With even more skilled, active members {DARK} pushes on. {DARK} has been around the Star Wars Battlefront series for longer than five years now. We have gone through several changes over those years, but we still have good active members throughout the game of Star War Battlefront 2.

So here we are, the year is 2013 now and {Dark} still remains a clan. It has gone through many leaders and members, yet it still stands today. With the combined effort of Isoptox and Vamfpyre, {Dark} has made a strong recovery and has been revived. We are now active again, recruiting and scrimming, and we will never stop. Old members are slowly returning and we are always bringing in new ones. We are the next generation of {Dark} members, we will carry on the legacy of the {Dark} empire.

It is now fall of 2014, one year after {Dark}'s strong return. We are doing very well as a clan, though the size of our clan is starting to shrink. We have been through quite a bit in one year. July of 2014, Gamespy finally shut its servers down, essentially ending SWBF2 Online. Gamemaster provides a server to still allow players to connect online. {Dark} still remains as one of the few active clans around the community, and is anxiously awaiting the release of Star Wars: Battlefront by DICE in the fall of 2015.

Years have gone by, and the members of {Dark} went their separate ways. With the loss of Gamespy, the decline in activity went from little to none. It would appear that {Dark} had officially died out. However, with the coming of 2018, things began to change. {Dark}’s leader Jim Moriarty, as well as Scar, began a revival. Disney had bought Lucasarts some years before, and the great SWBF2 servers made a return. {Dark}’s leaders started to reach out, and pull back in as many members as they could. Now, here we stand, looking to the bright future. A server bearing the {Dark} name plans to be set up, serving as a beacon to all that {Dark} still lives. Perhaps not the great army it once was, but the search for {Dark}’s next generation is on the horizon.

From the words of Darklore, {Dark}Forever